Most often these occur if the patient does not follow recommendations and instructions given by a physician. For some reason such non-compliance is rather common when it comes to short-term antibiotic therapy exactly. Still, sometimes it is vitally important not to make any of the following mistakes, otherwise the result can be rather serious. Below there are two ”no” to ever make:

NO self-treatment with Zithromax

Zithromax (Azithromycin), like any other antibiotic, is a strong drug with a possibility of causing side effects. To avoid, prevent or reduce any harmful effect of any possible adverse reaction, prior consultation with your doctor is a must. It is your doctor’s work to examine, diagnose and prescribe, not yours. So, NO self-treatment.

NO interference with doctor’s prescription or recommendation

Although this is the other rather common mistake (always made without doctor’s supervision), it is vitally important NOT to 1) disrupt the schedule, i.e. omit a single dose of the antibiotic or discontinue the medication; 2) take additional dose of the drug; 3) take other drugs when on Zithromax therapy. The logical result of such mistakes is severity of the symptoms and life-threatening effect due to overdose or potentially dangerous interactions. So, NO initiative without doctor’s approval.